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Ina loves her work! I am so appreciative of this woman as she has helped me navigate male and female differences, and my relationship tides over the years. Ina is non-judgmental, experienced, and gets to the heart of the matter. She helps “unstick” the stuck places, delivering results. She is truly a gem, and I am so much more aware and knowledgeable about myself and what I desire as a result of her guidance and care. Thank you, thank you, Ina!

Donna W. Desert View Village, Phoenix, AZ



I have gone to Ina on several occasions, to get guidance and support with relationships, sexual health issues, and personal growth in the area of sexuality. Each time Ina has listened carefully, assessed my needs, and explained to me what was happening and what was needed. Through the prescribed course of action, I have always found an excellent resolution. My life is better due to her guidance.
Thank you Ina.

Willy K. San Francisco, CA


Exploring The Human Journey: S1 Ep30: Ina Mlekush Sacred Sexuality & Chuluaqui Quodoushka (1 hour)


Ina has opened my eyes to problem solving in a calm and constructive manner. Our dialogue was easy for me to take part in, because Ina was NOT intimidating. I plan on more sessions with this wonderful lady, as visits with her has changed my life. So glad I met her!

Thomas H. Phoenix, A


How Do Women Approach Their Sexuality: Understanding Male/Female Instinctual Differences and Compatibility in Sexuality (1 hour)


Ina is an amazing teacher and counselor. My husband and I attended her workshop and were completely blown away by her and it helped our marriage go places we had only dreamed of. Our love has blossomed into us being in love like we were kids again. It made me feel younger and more desirable.
I would highly recommend Ina as a couch, counselor, and workshop leader. You won’t be disappointed!!

Christine F. Paradise Valley, AZ


Ina Speaks About the Beauty and Diversity of Feminine Genitalia (20 min)


I was referred to Ina by a respected and respectful friend, who suggested a talk with Ina might help with a particularly perplexing issue regarding male/female sexual dysfunction, that being male ED. I am a 62-year-old male, by the way.


Bedroom Strategies to manage lovemaking + Ina's Bloopers (watch it until the end)

(3 min)


I was in the Phoenix area, so I decided to make the call and set up a meeting, a very easy process. After an introductory telephone call, a firm appointment was made and I drove to her office for the session.
I was pleased to find that we could talk frankly, openly and in simple common sexual terms that I understood. Much to my surprise, I found that the confusing and highly depressing issue I had was actually quite common. What a relief!
We also talked about other things having to do with changing up what has become routine sex in a long and happy marriage.
I met for two hours with Ina. The second hour was instructional in terms of what I could do to help channel (and ground) excess, seemingly ever-present, sexual energy and how to overcome E.D., two separate issues.
At the conclusion of the session, I felt I had some very effective ideas to use in staying positive on what I had been suffering from.
Believe you, me…this session was much more effective than any other that I had been to or any that I could imagine.
Thank you, Ina! I will return with other questions, next time with my wife.

UPDATE, June 2019.
Well, in June of this year I did return with my wife to have 5 one-hour sessions with Ina, wherein we covered many different topics, including some I did not expect we would.
Most satisfying was a joint discussion on how we change as we age and, although the aging process is unstoppable, we discovered that it really is a golden opportunity now to fully explore and to improve upon sexual practices, thereby keeping things hot, fresh and eye-opening, which in turn promotes open communication.

Ina is a pleasure to converse with. We felt completely at ease with her and had some laughs, too. Sorry I broke the chair, Ina…but wasn’t it really kinda funny to see me fall flat on my ass?

  • Kurt P.
  • Boerne, TX


Helping men to understand and survive when your wife goes through menopause. Helping women to be more gentle with themselves and their partners while experiencing menopause. (5.5 min)


I love Ina and her insights into relationships and sexuality. I have worked with her during the Quodoushka teachings and she has been instrumental in several issues I was facing with my wife. Very fair and balanced in her approach.

Dan P. Denver, CO


Four minutes of honest talk on aging and andropause, the phenomenon of male menopause (4.5 min)


I can’t say enough good things about Ina. She is highly skilled and effective. We have used her several times throughout my husband’s and my 11-year relationship, both as a couple and individually. Each time we were in need Ina got right to the heart of the issue(s) for us, speaking what needed to be said and understood, clearly seeing what we could not identify, and guiding us back to a happy, healthy marriage. There are a lot of counselors out there, none are like Ina. I recommend her to anyone that desires a happy, fulfilling relationship.

Bonnie Z. San Diego, CA