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Sex and intimacy are not one size fits all. Your sexuality is as unique as you are and deserves to be treated as such. If you do not respect your individuality, agreements you make are apt to be broken along with hearts. Good agreements are the foundation of any relationship, personal or business. The first agreement you make is with yourself. To Thine Self be True. Then you can keep your agreements with others.

I work with both traditional couples and those who have chosen an alternative lifestyle. I create an open, nurturing non-judgmental environment that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Many individuals who enjoy an alternative lifestyle deal with difficulties that are typical in a traditional relationship as well as the challenges of The Lifestyle.  I am a counselor that understands the Lifestyle from the inside out and can provide insights and solutions that work.

Relationships are complex. This applies to alternative lifestyles and traditional monogamy. I help you untangle the emotional challenges, deepen your understanding while maintaining and developing a healthy relationship.

Everyone needs a helping hand at times, different reflections and multiple solutions. I hope to be that helping hand for you.

Reach out and grab it!