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If you are currently experiencing sexual difficulty, whether it takes the form of a very high sex drive or low libido, disinterest,  a sense of being unfulfilled or sexual dysfunctions, there are solutions that work.  Straight talk, making changes, getting outside your comfort zone, discovering a new world of sacred intimacy and sexuality is possible.


Counseling can help you to discover your full potential as a sacred sexual human being. No matter your age or what you were taught or what happened to you, healing is possible.

You can deal with the breakdown in communication with your Significant Other, speak your heart’s desire, heal yourself and help your relationship to heal.

It is possible for you to take the lead if you have a higher sex drive then your partner and be the tiger in his tank.

If past wounds still impact you, you can heal yourself to enjoy being touched and making love.

You can discover female ejaculation, engage your G-spot, have vaginal, clitoral, and full-body orgasms if you wish.

Menopause may be a gift that frees you to explore and experience your sexuality with maturity and gusto.


I offer an honest, straight talk approach for exploring and resolving your sexual challenges.

Your ability to have an erection, no matter your age, young or mature, is key to your self- worth.

Your ability to maintain your erection and please your woman can make or break your day, week, or month!

Lack of skill in kissing, giving oral sex, touching, bringing moans of delight to your woman hits a man hard, making you wonder if something is wrong with her or you?

Have you never been in a relationship? Have you always worked with providers for your sexual needs?

Can you admit you need a teacher to improve your skills?

We work through whatever is challenging you and I offer honest, straight talk solutions; simple not always easy.


The first thing that stops working is your communication. You stop being a team. You do not talk about or resolve your challenges together.

Many Men suffer from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, or loss of libido.

Many Women find themselves unable to orgasm or they only orgasm with a vibrator. Some mature women have never had an orgasm.

All of these problems can begin to erode a couple’s intimacy and disturb both partners emotionally and psychologically.

Through sex therapy, I help you to understand how to know what you need and how to ask for it. Utilizing a safe environment for honest, open dialogue, I establish a way for you to be comfortable getting in touch with your own needs and speaking openly about them.

Sex therapy goes beyond the bedroom. Couples learn how to agree and reconnect in respectful, caring ways that help not only in the growth of your sex life but in your relationship as a whole.

You learn how to think in new ways.  I teach you techniques that aid both you and your partner in deriving your full, personal pleasure from your intimacy and sex life.

The beginning of the rest of your life waits.

Healing yourselves sexually does not mean that something is wrong. It’s about making yourselves more comfortable with who you are and what you enjoy and sharing that with your partner(s).